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Annika M. Hinze, Ph.D.

APSA Short Course on Urban Governance

11 August, 2016 (15:46) | Uncategorized | By: annika

All political scientists interested in urban matters: Jamie Smith and I cooked up this great little short course, which will take place on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, at the American Political Science Association Meeting in Philly. Please join us and/or share widely with colleagues who might be interested.
APSA Short Course Program

More Shameless Self-Promotion!

25 February, 2016 (21:29) | Uncategorized | By: annika

My co-author, Jamie Smith, and I edited a special issue on North American Urban Politics for the journal Urban Research & Practice, which was published in October 2013.

More recently (January 2016), my piece on urban development and gecekondu housing in Istanbul was published in the Governing Megacities essay series by the Middle East Institute!

This February, my co-author, Sherri Grasmuck, and I published our article “Transnational heritage migrants in Istanbul: second-generation Turk-American and Turk-German ‘Returnees’ in their parents’ homeland” in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies!

Aaaaaand, starting this February, I will be joining the Chicago Council on Global Affairs as a Global Cities non-resident fellow!

October 3, 2013 — German Reunification Day — Where do we stand today?

3 October, 2013 (14:04) | news, personal essays | By: annika

Today is the twenty-third anniversary of German reunification on October 3, 1990. Twenty-three years, of course, are a mere pinprick in the face of the universe, and possibly even in human history. Yet, still, they represent a considerable part of a human being’s life span, as well as the development of world history. Read more »

Turkish Berlin is here!!!

25 July, 2013 (22:18) | Uncategorized | By: annika

The official release date for my book, Turkish Berlin, is August 1, 2013. But today I received my first paper copy of my first book. This is very exciting, so I thought I’d share. Turkish Berlin can also be pre-ordered online.

Turkish Berlin